'Tetraeder' BL 2023
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Bathory Legion, is a one-person act, founded in 2005, which makes avant-garde / extreme music, with strong conceptual roots in Left-Handed Occult Esotericism and inspired by classical music.

Characterized by dark atmospheres of post-industrial minimalism, introspective ritual ambient, harsh drone, piano and pipe organ incursions.

In the 90s  [1995 - 1999] was one of the pioneers of the Italian Industrial Black Metal scene and has had collaborate as drummer and sound composer with some Italian radical/Occult black metal acts.
In 2014 is the co-founder of the experimental Black Metal / Noise band Vermiin, which released in USA the full-lenght entitled 'Spiritual Parasites'. 

In the last decade BL has collaborated with various international artists, both from the post-industrial scene and linked to Occult publishing such as Edgar Kerval on the split album 'Kapala' of 2011 and 'Dominion' of 2013.

Also has realized all the logos, artworks, live-set visuals and videos of all albums and the latest of in collaboration with the German composer Hermann Kopp on the split album 'Das Unheimliche', is no an exception. 

In 2020 BL signed with the historic Finnish editor and label The Sinister Flame / Septenary Arts  which released and produced on cd the latest three albums: 'DREPE [Handligsförmalat]' of 2020, 'Das Unheimliche' of 2021 and 'Latomie' of 2023