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Inferno Magazine 03 . 03. 2024 online and 1 /2024 on magazine

« Succeeds in creating a believably disturbing and dark atmosphere - Bathory Legion in my opinion »

Thanks to Inferno Magazine [Finland] since 2001 and to Miika Kuusinen.
I always thought it would be a huge honor to have a good review in this magazine. And now it happened. Bathory Legion's Latomie reviewed on Inferno Mag. Published in Inferno 1/2024 and online.
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« This album was a personal take on what many of us have come to define as "music" in the traditional sense of the word. It was much more experimental, and a dark story lies somewhere within, and at its core, it was very frightening to listen to. »

Bathory Legion 's Latomie new good review. A huge thanks to Metal Temple Magazine [USA] since 2000.
FULL REVIEW on metal-temple.com
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We continue our exploration with the Bathory Legion project and its new album, highly anticipated and immediately very incisive from the very first listens: "Latomie"! We are also delighted by Techno in "The Play Game" and all the tracks are of excellent workmanship!
Impossible not to underline the tribute to the recently deceased T. K. with the track "In His Own Words".
I had the chance to see Bathory Legion live in Florence [Italy] more than ten years ago and, after so much time, today I can continue to witness the writing of new and solid chapters of dark experimentation by this one woman band from Rome!
ilcalicenero [IT]

« Bathory Legion is the ultimate combination of artistic freedom and inspiration » 
metal-roos.com  [Australia]
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'Latomie is an album that survives with its myriad of malevolent noisescapes and industrial terror, it is unrelenting as it is furious without the speed. The samples and overdubs are a constant presence against some hellish percussion and feeling of over the top where more is more in the electronic creations. It's experimental, black industrial and Avant Garde where no sound or idea is left unexplored.' 

  « Listening to "Latomie" we encounter overwhelming ambient, terrifying drones, raw industrialism and minimalism, which at times even turns into spooky isolationism »

'While listening to this production, we are sometimes absorbed by satanic noise, sometimes we are attacked by unbearable drone attacks, and finally we are bombarded with hardcore beats that treat our brain like a jackhammer. Cold and diabolical music, attacking the listener's self with icy cruelty and leading them into an introspective journey, but be careful!'

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